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Precision tools from Weidmüller are in use worldwide.
Weidmüller takes this responsibility seriously and offers comprehensive services.
Tools should still function perfectly even after many years of constant use. Weidmüller therefore offers its customers the "Tool Certification" service. This technical testing routine allows Weidmüller to guarantee the proper functioning and quality of its tools.
At Weidmüller, we have been developing and manufacturing quality tools, to meet the most stringent requirements, for over 40 years. When we develop new solutions, we always have a goal in mind: to make your job easier, optimize processes, and help protect the long-term productivity of your business.
Professional tools with practical advantages to optimize high demand work including CUTTINGS, STRIPPING, CRIMPING and PLIERS.

Cutting tools
Professional stamping and cutting tools to make your work easier with benefits below:
Perfect cutting results as the tools have been specially designed for cutting copper and aluminium wires
Our tools were developed to allow fatigue-free working. The gripping distances can be adjusted individually
Due to our demand for high quality, we achieve the best cutting results on the market

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Stripping tools
Wire and sheathing strippers for high work quality with benefits below:
Flexible use - the perfect stripping tool for every conductor
The tools can be individually adapted to the user - e.g. by adjustable handle distances
Thanks to our high quality demands, our tools achieve the best results on the market

Crimping tools
Reliable crimping tools for wire end ferrules and other contacts with benefits below:
Our highest quality standards provide the best crimp connections
The self-adjusting crimp dies ensure stable crimping and avoid user errors
The combination of optimized mechanics and carefully chosen geometries ensures a minimal strain for the operator

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Testing tools
Professional testing tools for reliable results with benefits below:
Large measuring range for safety relevant AC/DC voltages in the range from 1V to 1,000 V
CAT III and CAT IV for increased security and more applications
Easy testing with contactless voltage and magnetic field tester

Internationally proven pliers for professional use in a wide range of applications

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