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Great design and engineering used to take equal parts of science, smarts and hard work, with a good dose of inspiration. Certainly, technology – from slide rules to today’s advance CAD and 3D modeling tools – were there to make the grunt work of calculations, and drafting endless design tweaks and changes easier, faster and more precise. But at the center of the design process were always people – the designers, engineers and specifiers working to solve real-life challenges that affect people’s work and lives. Over the years as we’ve moved from “traditional” design methods (design to spec with high quality) to “design thinking” approaches (user-centric and empathetic design), to emerging “computational design” technologies (a computer language-like approach to harnessing massive data and computing capacity to create millions of iterative solutions) – yet at each stage the role of “human” insight and creativity has shifted.
Computational Design – Evolutionary or Revolutionary? The fiel..


• Customized configuration based on practically tested, standardized components such as Sinamics
• Up to zero emissions depending on drive configuration
• Scalable uniform-topology power supply and drive solutions
• High level of resilience, availability and service friendliness
Siemens is expanding its portfolio of green ship propulsion systems by adding a new member to the Siship BlueDrive Family: Siship BlueDrive Eco.


Nemours Children’s Hospital, a healthcare facility located in Orlando, Florida, provides care for children with all kinds of sicknesses. Families from over 70 different countries travel to the Nemours facility seeking outstanding pediatric care for their children. The hospital not only boasts top care but it also runs on world-class medical technology.
Nemours’ medical technology Electricity in a hospital is essential, the hospital and patients depend on reliable electricity. Pure, continuous power provides staff, patients and parents a constant peace-of-mind that is necessary to maintain a successful recuperation environment. Therefore, it is critical that the power is reliable for equipment and medical technology to function 24/7.
To meet this need, Nemours selected a team of four partners that developed a 3-tiered power system: critical power for operating theaters and essential medical devices; equipment power for AC, heat, and less critical medical equipment; and convenience pow..


The IT industry as a whole is facing a shortage of skilled workers and the data center segment is no exception. No quick fix is available to correct the problem, either. It’ll take creative outreach to new groups of potential workers and training; lots and lots of training.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s really no sugar-coating the situation. Joe Kava, VP of data centers for Google, summed it up nicely in a keynote address at the recent Data Center World conference, saying, “The greatest threat we’re facing is the race for talent.”
Even Google has trouble staffing data centers A study last year by TEKsystems highlighted the issue, with 81% of the IT leaders surveyed saying it was difficult to find quality candidates for IT jobs. Nearly 50% of leaders with open positions didn’t expect they would fill them in the desired timeframe.
There’s reason to believe the situation is even worse for companies looking to hire data center infrastructure staff for a simple reason: ..


electrical rss news

• Around 2,170 apprentices and work-study program participants begin their professional life at 20 Siemens locations
• Training further aligned to the requirements of digitalization
• 27 participants in international training program in Berlin
Around 2,170 young people will begin their vocational training next Monday at 20 Siemens locations in Germany alone. Siemens will be training about 1,530 for careers at the company, while a further 640 are from external partners. The ongoing digitalization of the work environment is playing an increasingly important role at Siemens – and in the company's training programs as well. What began in “apprentice corners” back in 1891 is being continued today at advanced, innovative training centers.


We knew who they were — and they knew us. I am speaking of our competitors; that is, the ones before we embarked on our digital journey.
Indeed, before digital disruption started to take hold a decade ago, executives kept a sharp eye on their company’s close competitors. That meant regularly checking market performance and reading the latest trade write-ups of solution offerings and advancements. Back then, our shared competitive landscape was a known roadmap with clear markers, common trends, and consistent R&D efforts to stay ahead of the curve.
Now, as all companies often face new technologies, demographic shifts, new rivals, new regulations, and other environmental changes that seem to come from nowhere, how can we avoid being blindsided? And, moreover, how can we capitalize on these changes? The challenges faced often begin as weak signals at the periphery: the blurry zone at the edge of an organization’s vision. As with any peripheral vision, these signals are difficult to see ..


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