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Delivering world-class medical technology to Nemours Children’s Hospital through an EcoXpert

Nemours Children’s Hospital, a healthcare facility located in Orlando, Florida, provides care for children with all kinds of sicknesses. Families from over 70 different countries travel to the Nemours facility seeking outstanding pediatric care for their children. The hospital not only boasts top care but it also runs on world-class medical technology.

Nemours’ medical technology

Nemours medical technology

Electricity in a hospital is essential, the hospital and patients depend on reliable electricity. Pure, continuous power provides staff, patients and parents a constant peace-of-mind that is necessary to maintain a successful recuperation environment. Therefore, it is critical that the power is reliable for equipment and medical technology to function 24/7.

To meet this need, Nemours selected a team of four partners that developed a 3-tiered power system: critical power for operating theaters and essential medical devices; equipment power for AC, heat, and less critical medical equipment; and convenience power for lighting and amenities in non-critical locations. This was all made possible using Schneider Electric’s integrated system built on the IoT-enabled EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare architecture and platform. The EcoStruxure medical technology enables critical operational efficiency for this world-renowned healthcare facility. In addition, EcoStruxure Power ensures the hospital’s power control and power monitor abilities allowing Nemours to identify and prevent any potential problems.

The power of partnership

The hospital partnered with three technology partners; TLC, a national company with expertise in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, life safety, fire protection, and energy services, Borrell Electric, a 70-year-old electrical service and contracting company with a proud 100% safety record. The third technology partner, Graybar is a Fortune 500 company and premier supplier of Schneider Electric products specialized in advanced supply chain management services for contractors. The fourth company Nemours partnered with, MC2 is a Schneider Electric Master EcoXpert™ partner certified in building management systems and critical power solutions. Through collaboration, innovation, and expertise, these four firms combined resources to make the Nemours vision for reliable power a reality, meet all the hospital’s expectations and create their power system.

Watch how these four partners came together to deliver a world-class solution to Nemours.

More about Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner

“I feel that Schneider Electric comes to us as a partner, as part of the team. It’s no different than the confidence that you expect to have in your doctors and nurses taking care of your children.” – Nelson Roque, Director of Facilities and Operations, Nemours Children’s Hospital

Located in Sanford, Florida, MC2 is one of the 3,000 world-leading technology providers, known to Schneider Electric as EcoXperts, who exhibit best-in-class system integration competencies in facility optimization, reliable infrastructures and energy management, with its customers. The EcoXpert Partner Program enables certified partners and valued customers to share in the experience of ensuring that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, and at every moment. MC2 is part of this local and global network of trained and certified partners. The company’s master-level status is recognition of their expertise and ability to deliver world-class products, systems, and solutions such as they did for Nemours Children’s Hospital with remarkable medical technology. When optimizing the usage of their equipment, Nemours looked to MC2 to bring designs and solutions together to achieve the highest level of system-utilization. MC2 acted as an extension of Schneider Electric as well as an implementation arm of EcoStruxure.

Nemours medical technology Ecoxpert

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