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    Weidmuller Relays

Relay Modules
Relay Modules are utilized for switching and amplifying digital signals in automation technology and for galvanic isolation in order to prevent current flow.
As a full-range supplier in the field of relay modules we offer a very wide-ranging list of products with the TERMSERIES, RIDERSERIES, and D-SERIES. In addition, we offer various function-tested KITs for signal insulations, amplification, and multiplication. Function-tested KITs are characterized by particularly high reliability and durability, and are available in various versions. Different contact types such as normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), and change over contacts are available at the outputs.

Solid-State Relays
Solid-State Relays are utilized for wear-free switching (no physical contacts to wear out) and amplifying and amplification of digital signals in automation engineering.
unplanned production stops, critical load peaks, failures in highly sensitive production processes are the reasons for applying Solid-State Relays in areas where Continuity of power is essential.
Our products range in solid-state relays includes TERMSERIES, TERMOPTO and Delcon Series Relays.
  •   Fail-safe
  •   wear-free
  •   Noiseless
  •   vibration-proof
Our products are beneficial for time saving since less wiring efforts and optimal markability and space-saving due to compact modules.
Many other services such as digital data support, switching load consulting, and selection guides to support our customers complement the offer.
Based on functional excellence, our products ensure measurable cost reductions
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